Mission Statement


Haltran Environmental Services, LLC (HES) is a full-service environmental consulting and testing company specializing in disaster management.

Our vision is to improve the overall quality of business relationships and to increase exposure in target markets. We build our company’s value by continually assessing clients and competitors. We will continue to grow by increasing the number of projects in our primary areas of business and by extending our geographic reach into additional markets throughout the country. Our current and most recent clients include, but are not limited to, City of Slidell, LA, City of Minot, ND, Livingston Parish, LA, Louisiana Land Trust, CDM Smith.

Short Term Goals and Achievements

HES’s short term goal is to aggressively expand our presence in the local surrounding markets. In our 1st year of operation, our network included work with clients ranging from indoor air quality assessment for an individual homeowner, to full-scale disaster management for the largest residential demolition program in history.

Long Term Goals

HES’s long term goal is to continue to grow operations into multiple target markets throughout the country, and to target satellite locations for continued growth and efficiency. Our plan is to replicate our current operations model for success with current and future clients and in future operations’ areas.

Investment and Redevelopment Strategy

The HES business strategy is to provide 100% client satisfaction. Success of this business model is dependent upon the following:

  • Partnering with strategic clients
  • Maintaining accurate and efficient documentation
  • Providing quality workmanship
  • Delivering cost-effective projects and products
  • Reacting to Client needs quickly and efficiently

In order to generate value, HES focuses on project management coupled with the use of professional, independent consultants to complete the work required. Successful execution of this strategy relies on the high quality of work performed by HES.

Community Vision

HES strives to be part of the local communities and in our first year we have participated in activities such as Hospice Crawfish Cook-off, Relay for Life, and local youth sponsorships. We believe in supporting the communities in which we work and envision re-developed communities to improve the quality of life for everyone in the area.

Goals with Clients

HES works hard to create positive and productive business relationships with affiliated businesses and contracting teams. We strive to assist in the business development of our contracting teams with a goal of mutual growth and continued success. The use of our services results in a more efficient process, superior product, and increased profit for our Clients. As a teaming partner, we seek to demonstrate a consistent work ethic, exemplary workmanship, maintained job sites, and a passion to achieve a high quality finished product. The benefits for each Client we affiliate with are:

  • Continuous, high-quality projects with standardized materials
  • Working together with the Client to identify business opportunities for each
  • Superior knowledge of the current, and ever changing, regulatory requirements
  • Hassle-free projects that incorporate HES organization and specific procedures regarding inspections, contracts, payment schedules, and invoicing.

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