Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a mineral known for its durability and fire retardant capabilities. Though the mining of the mineral has been greatly reduced in the United States, the material is still present throughout homes and structures throughout the country. Asbestos has been associated with such diseases as lung cancer, Asbestosis (scaring of the lungs) and Mesothelioma (cancer of the chest). With renovation of single-family homes on the rise, choose Haltran Environmental to come to your home, test materials before demolition and advise for proper removal. Read More


Lead Testing

Not as prevalent as it once was, lead based paint is found in and around homes constructed before the pre-1950s. New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the country and with the allure to buy antique homes throughout the area the chances of purchasing a home painted with lead based paint increase. Deterioration of the old paint can create chips and dust, which are harmful to families. Choose Haltran Environmental to test old paint that is suspect of lead and advise on proper treatment. Read More

moldMold Testing

Living in a region known for intense heat and humidity, mold is a common household threat we all contend with. Poorly ventilated and damp areas within a home promote the spreading of mold that can cause health risks for your family. For some the effects are minimal and for others it can cause severe respiratory problems. The same conditions that promote mold growth are good for dust mites, bacteria, airborne chemicals and gases. Since these conditions are costly to test, choose Haltran Environmental to take the less costly route by testing your home for mold and advising on how to treat the issue. Read More

familyAir Quality Testing

Mold, allergens, dust, pollen, airborne insect particles, dander and volatile organic compounds that are present in paint, cleaners, pesticides and building materials can all cause minimal to severe respiratory problems depending on the person and their body. Choose Haltran Environmental to test the air quality in your home or business to identify airborne hazards and advice on how to remediate the issue. Read More

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