Lead Testing

Lead based paint: paint, varnish, shellac, or other coating on surfaces that contain 1.0mg/cm2 or more of lead or 0.5 percent or more lead by weight.

Lead-based paint hazards: any condition that causes exposure to lead-contaminated dust, lead-contaminated soil, or lead contaminated paint that is deteriorated or present in accessible surfaces, friction surfaces, or impact surfaces that would result in adverse human health effects as identified by the EPA.

Lead-based paint inspection: a surface-by-surface investigation to determine the presence of lead-based paint. A report is then issued that identifies if there is lead-based paint present and where it is located.

Additionally, high concentrations of lead in soils can be attributed to leaded gasoline which wasn’t fully phased out until 1986. Soils along roads and highways may contain high levels of lead which can be tracked into homes. Children are at greater risk of lead poisoning due to constant hand to mouth tendencies called “pica”.

Lead can be either inhaled or ingested and lead poisoning can cause irritability, fatigue, weakness, muscle pain or other flu like symptoms. More serious cases could include vomiting, restlessness, tremors, seizures, coma and possibly death.


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